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Built for you from the ground up.

Mobility transportation with a purpose.

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MV-1 Fleet Commercial Programs

Not only is the 2011 MV-1 a comfortable and smooth ride for any of your personal needs, but it also proves a valuable asset for any of your business ventures. If you are a manager for an Assisted Living program, think of how much easier it will be to complete everyday trips such as doctor’s appointments. It’s more cost effective than a shuttle bus and can seat up to five passengers. Retrofitted vans or buses simply cannot match the durability of the MV-1. Many people who are in need of wheelchairs or have any other mobility issues do not have the easiest time finding a taxi that can accommodate wheelchair accessibility or luggage. With its durable, purpose-built body-on-frame design, it was built to take on some of the toughest roads in America. If you are in need of several MV-1’s to purpose your business needs, MV-1 of Orlando is ready to assist. If you are interested in buying or leasing 10 or more vehicles, you will qualify as a commercial fleet buyer which entitles you to manufacturers’ and dealers’ fleet incentive programs. To learn more information about our discount programs for commercial fleet buyers, call (407)797-0107 today!